Brian Poncelet loves to backpack, climb, day hike, cycle, and enjoy year round outdoor adventure.

Brian’s quest for lighter, safer, and more efficient gear is motivated by a desire to stay healthy and active for many years to come. After being part of this sport for 23 years, Brian continues to learn, test and refine gear, and dream of new trips.


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Interested in taking up the sport yourself?

So you’re ready to hear the crunch of leaves under your feet and see the world from above. Luckily, it’s easier to start hiking than you may think. We talked to the experts to find the best tips for beginner hikers: Start small. Stepping over tree roots and maneuvering around rocks on a trail can […]

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<p>Hiking along the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail in the Many Glacier area of Glacier NP - July.</p>

Hikers are happier

Research shows that using hiking as an additional therapy can help people with severe depression feel less hopeless, depressed and suicidal. It may even inspire those suffering from it to lead a more active lifestyle. For those who don’t suffer from depression, hiking still offers mental benefits. “Being out in nature, away from the business […]

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Louis Trial

Hiking heals

Some research suggests that the physical benefits of hiking extend far beyond cardiovascular health, and may even go as far as to help cancer patients recover. In a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine researchers measured oxidation stress (thought to play a role in the onset, progression and recurrence of cancer) rates […]

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Hike fit

Hikers are seriously fit

Hitting the trail works out your body as much as it does your brain. Just one hour of trekking can burn well over 500 calories, depending on the level of incline and the weight of the pack you’re carrying. Hiking is a great way to get a serious workout without putting too much pressure on […]

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